The Ultimate Spray Tanning Aura Combo

For 2016, Aura has introduced the ultimate spray tanning combo; the Aura Allure Xena Sprayer and the Aura Extraction. These two pieces of equipment work in unison to provide the ultimate spray tanning experience for beauty therapists and their clients.

The NEW Allure Xena Sprayer is strong on the inside and radiant on the outside. It is perfect for salons with its luxurious gloss black and bronze finish and its whisper quiet turbine.
The new Xena gun features include flawless spray patterns, which allow you to spray vertical, horizontal and contour. The diagonal contouring spray setting assists in spraying body definition, creating a precise round spray pattern, perfect for accentuating your favourite body areas through shading.

The Xena gun has our patented click and tan technology for quick interchangeable solution shades between customers. This technology prevents contamination of the gun, saves time and money. All Aura guns maintain the satin spray nozzles, which produce the finest atomisation for perfect coverage and minimal overspray. These 1-2-3 easy clean nozzles have proven to be the simplest in the market to clean as they contain only 3 pieces, therefore even easier to put back together again.

The Aura Extraction is petite in size but powerful in performance. Its circular design provides efficient airflow when spraying in poorly ventilated spaces and small rooms. The device is also equipped with a monitor to indicate when the main washable filter needs removing and cleaning, prolonging the machine’s life. In addition, an air gap is installed between the filter and motor inlet to provide more air permeability through the appliance. It is always advisable to use an extraction for a more pleasant spraying atmosphere.

Equip yourself with the best spray tanning technology today from Aura!


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