AURA Brand

The Aura brand represents high quality manufacturing, engineering and performance in spray tanning. Our machines are made for simple use, manoeuvrability and storage, with easy clean nozzle, filters and surfaces for complete maintenance. Their stylized salon designs, include polished black gloss or matt surfaces giving them an overall professional and sophisticated appearance.

Spraying Innovations

Today tanning is healthier, easier and more affordable to everyone thanks to spraying innovations. They allow spray tanners at home and in salons to achieve ultimate results whilst providing comfort and convenience for themselves and their clients.

Our team of experienced engineers, highly trained product managers and operations experts are committed to designing tanning sprayers with focus on innovations that matter most to the professional spray tanning artist. At Aura, we want to bring the very best cosmetic sprayers to the market.

See how it works

Satin Nozzle

Most advanced spray tanning technology

Incredibly easy
to clean

Finest atomisation to deliver
outstanding results

High control of
solution flow

Click & Tan

With just a quarter turn the front accessory “clicks” securely onto the handle. A change of front accessories with different lotions just takes seconds, giving the tanning artist additional time to focus on the customer.