Dreaming of a spray tanned Christmas? Ensure your customers bronze responsibly

With mistletoe, celebrations and joy in the air, many of us will be investing considerable time into looking our best during this festive season. Some will opt for skin that is tanned and glamorous for Christmas and New Year parties while others prep for escaping the cold weather and jetting off to a sunny destination.

At AURA, we view the season as an opportunity to raise awareness around the benefits of spray tanning, encouraging people to consider this as the best option for bronzed but, more importantly, safe and healthy skin, especially for Brits at this time of year.

Dr Walayat Hussain, consultant dermatologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, advises people on the dangers of quick fix sunbed booths and the risks associated with this type of UV tanning. Instead, he encourages consumers to consider alternative non-UV tanning options including spray tanning or bronzing creams.

“Winter time is paradoxically a dangerous time for people’s skin as more and more individuals look towards sunbeds for providing them with a tanned complexion over the dark winter days. Using a sunbed before the age of 35, increases the risk of developing life threatening melanoma skin cancer by 60%; a fact not to be ignored. Dermatologists throughout the globe are calling for a complete ban on UV tanning given the inherent risks. There are other, safer alternatives to achieving the skin complexion people are after this winter. If you have used a sunbed before, make it your New Year’s resolution never to use one again!”

Here are some dangers of UV tanning which need to be considered:

1. Skin conditions
UVA and UVB rays from artificial light sources can cause premature aging of the skin.

2. Eye risks
Every session without eye protection increases the risk of irritation, conjunctivitis or cataracts.

3. Increased exposure to cancer
According to the NHS, those who are frequently exposed to UV rays before the age of 25 stand a greater risk of developing melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer later in life.

4. Can develop addictions
Studies demonstrate that UV light might increase the release of endorphins, which can lead to dependency in the same way smoking does.

In addition, as a salon or a beautician, the run-up to the New Year is a key period to reflect on the business, its prospects and efficiency considerations for 2016. Are you equipped with the highest quality services and technologies that can deliver results with ease and speed? Do your services enable the tanning artist to focus on the customer rather than the equipment?

Anticipating these industry requirements, our new Allure machine ensures an even, streak-free tan in just one session. Its satin spray nozzle technology produces the finest atomisation for perfect coverage, leaving the skin silky smooth with minimal overspray, which surpasses that of a metal needled gun.

After obtaining the desired glow, people often state that this new look makes them feel confident, happier, lively and youthful, ready for the holiday and party season. This positive mentality is even encouraged during the tanning process with the use of our customisable machines that reflect the brand personality of the salon or the beautician.

Spread the #ChristmasGlow to all your customers, friends and family. AURA wishes you a Merry Tanning Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Year!