AURA – world market leader for spray tan machines

We have now been selling our spray tan machines under the AURA brand to trade customers all over the world for about six months now. We are very pleased to have been able to assume the position of world market leader in such a short time.

The AURA brand name also contributed to this. The word has both Greek and Latin roots, meaning “gentle breeze” and “appealing appearance” thus ideally describes the end-user experience. At the same time, the brand name embodies “high quality”  (Latin: aurum – gold) and “transformation” (French: aura — ‘will have’). The design of the brand logo also reflects this background in its colours and shapes.

The meaning of the brand name captures on many levels what we as a global technological leader have mastered for decades and our commitment to our customers. We wish to continue to increase our growth next year with new, high quality spray tan equipment products which set new standards in terms of both technology and design.