Staying safe over the summer — challenge or opportunity?

With summer at its peak, many people strive for a glowing tan from sunbathing or sunbed use, so it’s the perfect moment to speak to your clients’ about maintaining a healthy skin. Despite the warnings, recent research has revealed that the majority of consumers are unaware that behind these two methods of tanning lie the harmful Ultra Violet rays, which are equally responsible for summer tans and sunburns. Experts have found that using sunbeds doubles the chances of skin cancer compared to spending the same amount of time in the Mediterranean midday summer sun.

UV radiation can cause freckling, skin wrinkling and contribute to the development of skin cancer. When the sun’s radiation reaches the skin, it reacts by producing melanin, a skin pigment that has a protective effect on the epidermal layer. In other words, tanning after sun exposure is the body’s response to the damage caused by the UV rays. It’s alarming how few people are aware of this, which tells us that maybe more has to be done to promote the importance of prevention rather than cure. .

A new trend starting over online platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has alarmed many specialists. More and more people have started to burn certain areas of their skin to obtain colour variation and patterns which resemble a form of art. Although this may be seen among peers as ‘fun’ and ‘cool’, those taking part in this social media movement are placing their bodies under a great risk of early skin ageing and potentially skin cancer.

If someone is keen to obtain a sun-kissed look, there’s always a safer option to consider – spray tanning, done with the help of professionals, using the latest technology which can guarantee a desired look. At AURA, we believe that the spray tan machine is what produces the end results, therefore playing a vital role in the tanning process. Our new Allure machine features the satin spray nozzle, which produces the finest atomisation for perfect coverage, leaving skin feeling silky smooth, and gives low overspray, which surpasses that of a metal needled gun. The flow control dial has been designed to give precision when spraying yet reduce nail breakages when turning on/off the machine. The whisper quiet turbine and long, flexible hose allow you to be sociable with your clients whilst spraying.

However, a common misconception associated with spray tan is that the tanning layer will protect the skin once applied. To guarantee customers’ satisfaction and safety, it is important to impress upon your clients the fact that the lotion does not contain SPF, so after the spray tan session, consumers should be reminded to wear a protection cream of 15 SPF or above.

Additional tips that might come in handy for customers who are keen to stay safe over the summer:

  • If you are swimming, always reapply sun cream after going into the water. Even a waterproof sun cream will need topping up frequently.
  • It is important to be cautious about the time you are spending in the sun. Stay in the shade between 11am and 3pm. This will ensure you steer clear of the strong midday heat and avoid the higher risk of burning.
  • Staying hydrated is extremely important during the hot weather; drinking alcohol or coffee will not keep you hydrated at all.
  • There may be many people who try to avoid the sun at all costs, attempting to avoid the risk on skin cancer. However, although the sun can be damaging, it also provides an essential vitamin, vitamin D. Without this, depression and anxiety is much more likely to develop so ensure you find the right balance of staying in the sunlight but avoiding being burnt.