Is tanning only a woman’s pleasure?

It seems women are not the only ones who like to achieve a sun kissed glow. AURA recently conducted a survey of over 1,000 beauty salons within the UK which revealed that over the past five years, beauticians have noticed a significant increase in male clientele, mostly due to the increased popularity of tanning amongst Britain’s men. This has led to four out of five of those surveyed hiring on average up to five additional employees over the past five years to cope with demand.

Some 84 per cent of the salons that responded stated that they had seen an increase in business of up to 80 per cent, as men can now benefit from tailored tanning services much to their delight.

As we continue to innovate with new spraying solutions, we are confident that this can only be good news for the industry. Much has been reported recently about the dangers of sun bed damage so a spray tan is a healthier, safer option, as long as users are aware of the following things: a spray tan does not provide protection against sunburn, SPF cream needs to be used in conjunction with this; tanned skin is a sign of your cells being damaged following UV ray exposure; excessive sunbed use is unhealthy.

At the end of the (sunny) day, opting for a spray tan to achieve a sun kissed glow is a more sensible option. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy all the benefits of having a bronzed look whilst avoiding the dangers of its alternatives? #Fakeitdontbakeit