Is LVLP spray tanning technology costing you business?

Beauty salons are always on the hunt for the latest technology available which could help improve their services and maintain the loyalty of their customers. One of the areas that they could be losing out on is spray tanning. Many salons still operate low volume, low pressure (LVLP) spray tan guns but these could be costing them business.

As an alternative, high volume, low pressure (HVLP) machines are more efficient and ensure that beauty salons are as productive as possible when spray tanning their clients. Here are some of the advantages:

– HVLP machines increase productivity

An HVLP machine enables the beautician to finish the spray tan treatment in less than 10 minutes while delivering the same overall bronzed finish.

– HVLP machines help improve the consistency of the spray tan and reduce overspray

These systems allow larger quantities of solution to be sprayed onto the client at lower pressure than LVLP technology so a greater area of the body is covered with the finest atomisation and overspray is reduced. HVLP transports high volumes of air generated by a turbine to the spray gun via a flexible hose. The machine then reduces this air to ensure that there is a fine and precise flow control.

– HVLP machines are lighter and easier to use

LVLP machines require a compressor so are considerably heavier and take longer to manoeuvre during the spray tanning session compared to an HVLP gun. This technology is also more difficult to maintain and clean, and uses a lower airflow volume so it takes longer to achieve a bronzed finish. However, the equipment is better than HVLP at painting intricate details and areas.

Maurizio Giorgi, vice president sales, says: “LVLP is an old technology which is particularly slow when spraying and not advisable if you are trying to run a profitable business where customers are requesting this treatment on a daily basis. LVLP machines are slightly better for tanning smaller areas but when choosing a machine for a salon, it’s important for salon owners to consider the bigger picture.”

Find out more about the Allure, our latest innovation which incorporates the HVLP technology:

The Allure HVLP sprayer is our latest model launched in 2015, which has received great feedback from beauticians due to its fine and precise flow control. It is fitted with a solution flow dial which has been specifically manufactured for the tanning market to provide the user with 0-0.50ml of liquid control. The design is worthy of a luxurious product: with gloss black and metallic finish, it provides a feeling of glamour and is customisable depending on the salon’s requirements. To anticipate our clients’ needs, the gun and hose are detachable and the carry handle is integrated so it is tucked away within the design of the turbine to facilitate storing and moving the product around. Our innovative technology also ensures that the Allure can be manoeuvred with the spray gun docked to prevent spillages and also provides easy access to the removable, washable filter which comes with a protective cover.