Glowing skin for the win!

Your skin is your largest organ which covers your entire body; it plays a vital role in detecting hot and cold, regulating your body temperature, protecting your muscles, bones and internal organs from outside infection and disease. Our aura sprayers are known for producing that spray tan glow, but now we want to know, what is below the glow.

With skin cancer rates at their highest, having increased more than 550% in males and 250% in females since the early 1980s in England, what has changed?
Follow the Aura team on our journey of skin discovery to uncover the latest facts about our skin in this everchanging world and uncover why spray tanning is the safest way to tan.

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Your skin can release up to 3 gallons of sweat in hot weather!

Scar tissue lacks hair and sweat glands.

If you use a sunbed before the age of 35, it increases you risk of skin cancer by 75%.

One study observing 63 women diagnosed with melanoma before age 30 found that 61 of them (97 percent) had used tanning beds.

Worldwide, there are more skin cancer cases due to indoor sunbed tanning than there are lung cancer cases due to smoking.

1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70.

More than 2 people die of skin cancer in the U.S. every hour.

Having 5 or more sunburns doubles your risk for melanoma.

Young people aged 15 to 19 take the biggest risks and use the least protection in the sun.

Just one visit to the tanning salon significantly increases your chances of a cancer that can kill you. There’s nothing safe about that.

More people die from skin cancer than road accidents in Australia.

Skin cancer rates are higher in women than in men before age 50, but are higher in men after age 50

It is estimated that melanoma will affect 1 in 27 men and 1 in 40 women in their lifetime.

Addicted to the glow

We all love having healthy, glowing skin, but sometimes methods used to obtain this glow, can lead to skin damage, melanoma, and skin cancer.  Subsequently, sunless methods like spray-tanning are the safest way to achieve this.  Tanning is caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun or tanning beds that cause genetic damage to cells on your outmost layer of skin.

Your skin tries to prevent further injury by producing melanin that results in darkening – what we call a tan.  Your skin is made up of three layers, the epidermis, dermis, and the hypodermis. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, damaging the middle layer (the dermis). The dermis contains the elastic tissues that keep the skin stretchy. UVA rays therefore have the effect of ageing the skin and causing wrinkles. UVB rays are absorbed by the top layer of skin (the epidermis). This causes sun tanning but also burning.

See more interesting facts below about your skin!


of the dust
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dead skin cells

Your skin is home to more than


species of bacteria

Changes in your skin can sometimes signal changes in your overall health

The average person’s skin covers an area of

2 square metres

Skin that is severely damaged may try to heal itself by forming

scar tissue,

which is different from normal

Skin accounts for about 15% of your

body weight