A little more extraction, a little less overspray please

Let’s be honest, when having a spray tan, we all want to breathe easy to create a healthy environment when acquiring that golden glow.

A little investment in an extractor can go a long way in helping your business. It will assist in preventing both beauticians and clients inhaling the overspray mist from the tanning solution and ensuring these particles don’t settle and stain the furniture and walls of the beauty salon or a client’s home.

This is where the new portable and compact 230V extraction unit from AURA Tanning Sprayers comes in. Its circular design has been developed by the company’s engineers to provide users with efficient airflow when spraying in poorly ventilated spaces and small rooms. In addition, it has the ability to filter 793 m³ of air per hour and this maintains a fresh environment during the treatment.

Whether you work in a large salon or are a mobile beautician, the extraction unit’s lightweight compact design (weighing in at 4.6kgs) and carry handle means it is easy to store and move around with the minimal amount of fuss. Its subtle design and gloss black finish provides a sense of luxury but also helps the user to clean it easily after each appointment to ensure it doesn’t become caked in tanning solution.

When it comes to the upkeep of the machine, this extractor keeps it simple. It is equipped with a monitor which indicates when the main washable filter needs removing and cleaning, assisting in prolonging the machine’s life. In addition, an air gap has been installed between the filter and motor inlet to provide more air permeability through the appliance.

For more information about the product visit: www.aurasprayers.com