A lesson in spray tanning

No one wants the uncertainty of a spray tan machine or the tanning product to determine the outcome of a good spray tan for your customers. Every technician wants predictability, high quality and reliable results every time. At AURA, we believe that our tanning machines are the best at achieving this, as our sprayers are manufactured by experienced engineers, highly trained product managers and operations experts using premium materials. The machines are created in cutting-edge production plants where all designs are tested to ensure they meet safety standards and provide reliable longevity. More to the point, AURA is the personal care division of the Swiss WAGNER Group, a global company with 60 years’ heritage manufacturing systems for surface finishing using paints, powder coatings, wet coatings and other liquid materials. WAGNER understands the needs and requirements of its customers and is committed to delivering the best in sprayers for its clients. With its in-depth knowledge, collaboration with material providers, international research labs and relationships with scientific institutions, WAGNER is able to ensure that its products are at the forefront of innovation.

Let the machine do the work!

The technicians behind the machines have created a patented ‘Click & Tan’ gun technology so the beautician can quickly change the tanning solution to suit their client’s preference in two swift motions (maybe a couple more motions if you have to clean it but we’ve also designed an easily removable washable filter too!).

Everyone’s biggest pet peeve when trying to achieve a sun kissed glow is the danger of looking orange, however AURA’s patented ‘satin’ nozzle stops this effect in its tracks. AURA machines ensure the finest atomisation and the lowest overspray in the industry as the user can control the operational speed of the sprayer with the control buttons, helping them to determine the amount of solution that ends up on the customer’s body.

It’s all about that flow control when talking about an even, streak-free, bronzed tan. Nothing represents this more than our latest innovation, the Allure sprayer. You would not believe something so luxuriously designed, in all of its glossy black and metallic beauty could deliver such results. Upgrade the experience of all of your spray tans with the glamour of the Allure which can be customised to suit your salon’s requirements.

The beauty salon industry is all about the relationship and interaction with customers: how are you meant to do this when you can’t hear the phone ringing over the noisy spray tan machine? With the Allure in your hand, the beautician can chat with customers in a more relaxing and peaceful environment thanks to its whisper quiet turbine.

The Allure is designed to be compact so it can be easily transported when the beautician is travelling to an appointment. The tanning machine comes with a detachable concealed carry handle which is tucked away within the design of the turbine to facilitate storing and moving the product around. The innovative technology also ensures that the Allure can be manoeuvred with the spray gun docked to prevent spillages and also provides easy access to the removable, washable filter which is hidden behind a protective cover.


Spray fan analysis at AURA technical lab.

Here are some of AURA’s spray tan tips:

1) Get that spray tan prep done:

Ensure that customers’ remove body hair at least 24 beforehand to ensure their pores are closed. The skin should also be moisturised and well exfoliated. Discuss with the client which shade is desired whether it is a honey or a mocha shade and adjust the solution flow dial and percentage of DHA solution being used.

2) The spray tan session:

Ask the customer to remove all jewellery. Provide your customer with a cap to protect their hair, stickers for the soles of their feet and disposable underwear. Once the customer is in the spray tan booth, start working on their front including the torso and the arms and keep asking them to rotate to ensure that all nooks and crannies are covered. Repeat this for the back of the body, then move on to the legs ensuring that you tan the front, inner thighs and the back of them. Remember, when tanning the face, ensure you spray lightly. The treatment should take 10 minutes.

3) The Technique:

With the AURA Allure machine’s lightweight compact design, you can easily position the machine to spray the contours of the body. You can adjust the settings on the machine depending on the client’s requirements. When using the machine, take full advantage of its 3.5m hose by positioning the turbine at least 3m away from the spraying area. Its compact shape allows easy manoeuvrability and in between sprays, you can dock the gun on the turbine. For flawless coverage with the lowest overspray, position the gun about 4-6inches away from the client’s body and use a flowing hand movement to tan the customer. The solution flow dial can also be adjusted to increase/decrease the amount of liquid that is emitted from the gun and depending on the setting, this will affect the overall tone of the tan.

4) After the Tan:

Remove the gun from the front of the hose and then use the pipe to blow cool air onto the client’s body to aid the drying process. Remind customers not to shower for at least 8 hours and wear loose fitting clothes. Most importantly, direct them to apply SPF cream on top of their tan everyday to protect their skin from those UV rays.


With just a quarter turn the front accessory
“clicks” securely onto the handle.