Elite Click & Tan

Spa Sprayer

Elite Click & Tan
Spa Sprayer

The Elite Click & Tan Spa is a professional, high performance sprayer with a robust, powerful turbine, and an all-in-one noise reducing storage system. It is perfect for competitions, spas, fitness centres and mobile tanners.

Key Features
SATIN Spray Nozzle Technology

Finest atomization for a perfect coverage, smooth feeling on the skin and low overspray.

Long-life Aeromatic turbine

Durable, robust and powerful yet extremely quiet turbine with electronic airflow control at the handle, All-in-one noise reducing storage system.

Click & Tan System

Easy grip premium gun handle with finger trigger control and removable nozzle for quick change of the 200ml front end. Two nozzles included as standard.


Easy access to the removable, washable high grade filter with protection cover.

Solution cup

200ml non-topple capacity cup with clever cone internals and toothed pick up tube, for no spillage and no solution wastage.

Portable & versatile

Made of durable lightweight material, with an all-in-one storage container and a 3.5 m hose for higher manoeuvrability.

Technical Data

Power source: 230 V, 50 Hz Power consumption: 570 W Hose: 3,5 m Cup volume: 200 ml Weight: approx. 6,2 kg Colour: Solid Black & Solid White